Friday, January 16, 2009


Since I just moved, I am in the middle of setting up my scraproom. So last night I sat on the couch; surrounded by a white shoebox, a Longaberger basket with a busted handle, 2 ziplock bags and a desk drawer all filled to the brim with various writting implements-crayons, colored pencils, pens, markers (thin, think, smelly and not so smelly), pencils and random gunk left in the bottom. I had a random burst of energy and decided that I should test each and every marker and pen while I organized the mess.

In my lap I balanced a white legal pad and went through each and every one. An hour later I had tested 307 pens and or markers, and ended up with 6 highlighters, 88 crayons and 76 colored pencils and 41 pencils -most unsharpened so I am sure I will throw some in the kids easter baskets.

But the most interesting part of this exercise was that I kept remembering random things that went along with some of the pens......there is a Chimay (my favorite beer) pen that I got at least 6 years ago at a beerfest There are at least 5 from past jobs including Kohls where I went home daily with a new pen and multiple from North East PA-it seems that everytime I visit my sister I steal her pens. One from Boston at Nine-Zero which was the most luxurious hotel I have stayed at and one from a very scary Super 8 outside of D.C. My favorite pen states that "if it isn't done by nappy-its not done right"- this one I have no clue.

Now before you ask, of course I took some pics for some awesome layouts-what kind of scrapper lets that moment go by? Maybe this will be what I need to get this scraproom finally done -a burst of energy and some random lost memories.

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