Saturday, June 6, 2009

Adhesives I'm Stuck On

I have been scrapping for well over ten years and for that entire time my heart has belonged to the mounting square. There is just something soothing about peeling off the back and placing it on to the elements of my projects. I am totally someone who can't commit-it takes me an hour to do a page-so the squares were a good way to assure myself that I could always change it into something better then it currently is.

I decided to try a tape runner for a change of pace...get out of my box. Alas, the tape runner and I are not meant to be. I really can get how to use it. It went everywhere and I wasted about half of it and it looked like the tape lost the fight. Other people I scrap with SWEAR by these things but I won't be giving it a try any time soon.

The search is on again. Lured in by the promise of a rebate, I then tried the 3M-Scotch dual sided glue stick. One precision side and the other with a soft bingo-esque dauber. This baby was a little expensive at over 5 bucks at my local JoAnn Fabrics...but with rebate in hand I went through with it. The glue is incredible and can stick a brick to the ceiling. This is both incredible and frustrating. Incredible in that now all my little bits and pieces are safe and secure....but I HAVE TO COMMIT before I can use it. There is no going back with the 3M-Scotch glue stick.

My Conclusion: I am going to stick with the glue mounts when it comes to my daily scrapping sessions just to keep the panic attacks at bay...but for the moment when I decide its perfect or for tiny embellishments and altered project -I am totally stuck on 3M glue stick. Next time you want to try something outside your comfort zone...try giving new adhesive methods a try, you may find something to make your creative process a little more easy.